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Message From: Meegan September 29, 2020
We adopted Davey now Sam...he is a joy every day!! A few years ago we adopted Claire ....together they are my two angels....

Message From: Van & Eileen Bergen June 28, 2020
We adopted Sterling (now Skippy) in 2014. He's now 9, so the vet says he's a "senior" - but you'd never know it. He runs like a rocket, jumps for joy, and never tires of playing fetch. When we're not playing outside, he likes to cuddle. He's so smart; he knows himself in the mirror, and when we watch TV he barks at the dogs and growls at the bad guy. He's very vocal and can tell us what he wants. We have so much fun together.

Message From: Bo's Family March 20, 2020
Ten years ago we adopted what we thought was a 50lb lab/hound and ended up being a 70lb love bug! Bo easily transitioned into an active family life with kids, cats, sports, camping, and hiking. He loves Marymoor dog park and is friends with all neighborhood dogs. At 11 years old he's getting grey, more lumps and bumps, and less energetic but still remains the love of our household. Thanks CoH!

Message From: Myla September 13, 2019
Our family adopted Devin 2 weeks ago. He's a cuddly, playful and very sweet little kitty. He has already made friends with our resident kitty. We have been having so much fun watching them play together. We are grateful to everyone at Collar of Hope for the wonderful work you do!

Message From: Carol DeCosta April 15, 2019
We are so happy with our little Beauty adopted about a year ago, she is a little lap dog and a total love, snuggles in the big bed with her sister Coco at night. Love her too pieces

Message From: Sandy Rudd December 20, 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 to all the wonderful people at Collar of Hope! Wishing you every success in your work to find homes for all your dogs. My dog, Emmy(Chelsea), is doing very well and is my loyal companion in everything that I do. I couldn’t love her more ❣️❣️❣️

Message From: Kathy September 17, 2018
I adopted Meatball, a 7 year old English Bulldog, in August. He has been a wonderful addition to my life. He is settling right in, is learning new things, & seems happy. He’s smart & funny, & he makes me laugh a lot. I am so glad that I was able to adopt him!

Message From: Sydney June 27, 2018
I adopted Diesel in the past and now Pepito. Pepito is so special to my heart and always makes me smile. He brings so much happiness into my life. He loves to snuggle under the blankets, go on walks, and play with his brother. He follows me everywhere I go. So very thankful that CoH was able to find me the perfect companion. I love Pepito!

Message From: Melissa McKee June 15, 2018
I adopted Ernie last month and since then neither of our lives have been the same. He has brought such comfort and joy into my life and the lives of the people around me. It is only natural that we do the same for him. Ernie is receiving such vast amounts of love...which is good because he cannot seem to get enough of it. We are so glad that we found one another. Thanks Collar of Hope!

Message From: The Gordon Family May 22, 2018
Thank you for trusting us with our new fur babies. Sierra has been with us for over a year and Logun (aka Geoffrey) for almost a month. They complete our Family and feel so honored that you chose us!

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