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Collar of Hope

Collar of Hope is a 501c3 all volunteer, all breed, home, rescue group. 
We are committed to helping homeless dogs find their way into permanent loving homes as a valued member of the family.

We are not trainers, behaviorist or veterinarians.  We provide all basic health care, grooming needs and a safe place for the dog until a good viable match for the dog comes along.  All rescue dogs will take some work, some more and some less depending on the age and background of the dog.  Most of our dogs come from shelters as strays so we have no history on them.  We learn as much as we can about them while they're in our care in their foster home so we can best match them with their ideal family.

 In addition to all of the important aspects of rescue, foster and adoption... we believe strongly in proper vaccination protocol to help minimize the unfortunate and very preventable occurrences of parvo and distemper in-particular in our communities. Puppies NEED a series of at least 3 vaccines to be protected!  They should never go to dog traffic areas until they've completed the whole vaccine series plus a week.  A little time for the prevention of such horrific diseases is more than worth the wait for a wonderful lifetime with your new puppy.

Another important topic for us is greater public awareness about animal rescues and the availability of rescued animals of all types. We feel that this is an important step in helping to control and reduce the demand of the heartbreaking Puppy Mill situations and irresponsible breeders that are so callous to the plight of homeless dogs and other animals resulting in so many unnecessary deaths every day. Each year about 5 million dogs in this country are euthanized and they are not just the mean, old, ugly or certain breeds of dogs either!  Pure bred dogs, Mama's and their whole litter of puppies, the fluffies and scruffies as well as the rest are all victims of shelter euthanasia.  Some areas are just awful while others are doing great work to prevent this from happening to healthy adoptable dogs.  Shelter management and the surrounding community have a lot to do with the differences between a high euthanasia rate or a no/low kill policy   Yesterday this country killed 17,000 dogs, today this country will kill 17,000 dogs and tomorrow 17,000 dogs will be killed.  The future numbers are up to all of us!

It is our belief that providing a dog or puppy with Training, Socialization, proper Health Care, a good Diet that is free of wheat, corn and byproducts, and Exercise along with plenty of Love and Companionship is the recipe for a happy dog and happy lifetime relationship.

As CoH is a 501c3 rescue, we rely on donations. If you would like to help us continue to save lives please click on the Donate button on the left. Thank You

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