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Remi's Sponsorship Page

Please go to our website for all specific information about this dog.  Our info doesn't transfer over to the adoption sites. 

Remi is a very sweet, lovable, older guy looking for a soft place to call home.  Remi looks like a perfect mix of bulldog and boxer.  
His owner passed and the Son tried to keep him.  He had 2 larger male dogs already and the 3 did not mesh.  
We have not done loose dog to dog testing yet as we've taken care of his skin issues and ear infections as well as a huge bladder stone removal. If you know these breeds, you know they cannot eat grain filled food.  He's healthy and doing great now!
He has not shown any reactivity going past other dogs, even when they are barking like crazy at him (some of the smaller, younger ones).  He met the old cat and didn't care about her at all. 
So if you have another dog or need to know how he is loose with another dog, we'll test him.  It was just him and his Dad for 8 years and we'd love for him to just have people to dote on him rather than share him again.  

Prior to adoption, our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and parasite treated/prevented.  

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