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Our website has information about our rescue, adoption process and link to our adoption application

 We are a foster home based rescue and have no facility to visit.
 Prior to adoption, our dogs are spay/neutered, vaccinated including rabies/age appropriate, and parasite treated/prevented as a minimum.

 Margo was pulled from a kill shelter ready to deliver 7 very large babies and she did just that 3 days later!  We did a DNA test with Embark and it came back that she is 100% Alapaha Bulldog {
The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Association Official Website ( .  She's lived a very neglected life and probably been pregnant every time she was in heat.  She was pretty beat up emotionally and physically when she was rescued.  She's a sweet girl who deserves her happily and loved ever after!
She's missing and has some broken teeth but her roots were xray'd and they're good.  We estimate her age at about 5 years (sometimes it's very hard to tell when they are is just a neglected state as she was when she arrived).  
She is all around a good girl and just has a couple things we're finally able to really work on.  She had to be led outside to go potty and then she will.  We believe she's never been inside before and loves it so much that she doesn't willingly want to go outside.  She's getting better all the time and it doesn't hurt that she's so treat motivated!  She also has a hard plastic fetish and loves to chew on it.  For this reason, when no one is there with her, she should be crated.  She does not chew bedding or even stuffed toys, just hard plastic when no one is watching her. This may be the reason her teeth are broken, we don't know for sure. 

​Please visit our website directly to complete an online application. 

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