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Rosemary's Sponsorship Page

PLEASE go to our website www.collarofhope.org to read all information about our puppies, rescue, adoption process and to submit our adoption application.  All of our information does not transfer to the adoption sites.

Mama is Kona (check available or coming soon section).  Mama looks like a Heeler mixed with any of the following: Staffie, Pittie, Boxer, Shepherd and since only one looks like her and we have no clue who daddy was, we're calling this litter a Staffie mixed litter.  They may or may not be so be sure you're ok with that if they are.
ROSEMARY looks most like Mama and is an active, busy body puppy so needs an active home that's loves to do training and activities with their dog.. for life.

The new family must have securely fenced yard and someone needs to be home to raise the baby as they cannot raise themselves. 

Our puppies are or will be neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated age appropriate, de-wormed and parasite treated/prevented throughout their time with CoH as a foster puppy.
The puppy will be vaccinated according to their age and will need additional vaccinations depending on their age.

Vaccine Protocol is as follows:
DHPP series of 3 are needed and puppies are not protected against parvo or distemper until they're received ALL 3 vaccines.
Bordetella 12 weeks of age
Rabies 4-6 months of age

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